Love behind the masks: Maquoketa nurse creates video of Genesis Birth Center sending virtual waves

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Love behind the masks is what the nurses at Genesis Birth Center are displaying for expectant parents.

“You can either choose to be helpless or help in some way,” says Dawn Leon, Registered Nurse at Genesis Birth Center.

Leon created the video to show expectant parents even though the world has changed, it doesn’t change the compassion they have for their patients.

“A lot of the pictures in the videos are actually of doctors and nurses who have had babies in Genesis. They have also been patients. So they have walked that walk that these parents are about to walk. I think it is important to show them that we are still there,” says Leon.

With dozens of health care workers waving and smiling in Zoom videos, it also showed the medical community that they are needed.

“I think the secondary most positive thing that has happened from this is that I think it has empowered all my co-workers to be reminded of what a special job that they have,” says Leon.

The Maquoketa community realizing the special job they have as well. Joy Yoder is the owner of Ragababe, a cloth diaper manufacturer in the community. The business is now switching over to making non-medical cloth masks.

“To be able to give back to the medical community a little bit of what they are doing for us is so important,” says Yoder.

Leon helped Yoder deliver her baby. Saying “thank you” wasn’t enough, so she delivered a mask.

“I went out to the mailbox, and there was a mask, for me. It helped a lot. It made me feel safe, and it was nice to know she cared,” says Leon.

Yoder says, “Giving back and forward, I mean. She was there for me in my time of need, and just got me through labor and delivery. I came through with a beautiful baby. I mean, she was there for me through that.”

Ragababe and residents in the community are making more than 200 masks per day as requests are needed.

To purchase a mask or donate, you can visit the store’s website.

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