‘Love Locks’ added to Silvis park, aimed at spreading love throughout community

Local News

A new addition to a Silvis Park is helping to spread love throughout the community by using locks.

The Love Locks are something that can be seen in other places around the world, such as Paris and New York.

“This is a physical way of showing love,” said Silvis Mayor Matt Carter. “Love is a universal thing that binds every human being on this planet. It doesn’t matter rich or poor. It doesn’t matter what color skin you have, it’s universal, it’s unconditional, it’s non judgmental and this is just a way to show that.”

Girl Scouts from troop 2716 spent Friday morning putting the finishing touches on the heart shaped statue and adding locks of their own.”

“The next time we come back, there will be lots of locks,” said Celena McConnell, girl scout.

Lane Johanson’s lock had his grandmother’s name on it who recently died of cancer.

“It’s just in memory of somebody that I had my entire heart on to and she never deserved to go,” he said. “Hopefully somebody stops by and puts who they love on that heart and just has them in memory in their heart for their entire life and just never forgets them.”

The statue is located in Phipps Prairie Park and people are encouraged to add their own hearts. People are encouraged to walk the trails to find it because an exact location is not being given out.

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