A nonprofit organization in East Moline is joining forces with a local restaurant with the goal to raise money for scholarships.

East Moline’s Chapter of LULAC is working with El Patron Express Mexican Restaurant.
When people buy their famous taco trays or margaritas, part of the proceeds will be going toward scholarships.

The fundraiser will be going until Saturday.

El Patron Express Mexican Restaurant is located off of Blackhawk Road in Rock Island.

Concepcion Medina is a LULAC Council Member and she said that last year they raised $24,000 for scholarships.

“We need your support for the students, the students need your support it’s for higher education and with the pandemic its going to be really needed so anything can help, anything that you can donate,” said Medina. “Come but taco trays come buy margaritas help the students that’s the most important thing higher education.”

LULAC is also planning on having a fundraiser in October for Day of the Dead.