Mama’s Parlor overcomes storm damage and pandemic to celebrate five years in business

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Mama’s Parlor, an ice cream shop and café in Park View celebrated five years in business on November 28th. While it was a happy day for owner Joyce Culver, it was also a crazy one that she won’t forget.

“It snowed 11 inches that day and we weren’t real busy our first day.”

Nine months later another major curveball hit the business that forced it to shut down for awhile.

“We got hit with a storm and we lost our roof from a straight line wind and we were down for about 10 weeks.”

In addition to being closed for over two months, they had to pretty much start over from scratch because everything was damaged from rain after the roof blew off. That first year was crazy for Mama’s Parlor and they had very little business making it even tougher.

“We expected a lot of support from the community and it was like we didn’t get anything and we really struggled our first year and it seems like it took five years for us to get to where we are today.”

Over the past couple years business has been booming and on Thanksgiving this past week they were so busy that they ran out of food.

“I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I was ringing up customers, helping in the kitchen, putting boxes together.” Said Culver’s daughter, Robyn Klever. “The day before I made 51 rounds of any fluff to go in all the boxes plus the individual dinners. That was a whole eight hour day in itself just making fluff and she had to prepare all the turkey.”

Mama’s Parlor was originally going to be an ice cream shop, but since they didn’t open until November in year one, Culver had to improvise.

“It became a café with just ice cream and soup and sandwiches.” Culver said. “And along the line we found out people were looking for more and more for something different than what everybody else has so we came up with this idea of doing family meal deals. So we have family meal deals that we offer for 25 dollars or less.”

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