An Oquawka man is behind bars after he was arrested for several charges related to resisting, disarming and battery to a police officer.

A Henderson County Sheriff’s deputy was called to rural Oquawka on Sunday at about 4 p.m. for a trespassing complaint. During the investigation, the suspect left the area. The deputy spotted the suspect in another yard and the suspect ran away. The deputy ran after the suspect, who fled into a neighboring garage. The suspect began resisting the deputy as he was being arrested. Emergency backup was called, the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office responded, and the suspect was subdued. The suspect was transported to the Henderson County Jail, where he again resisted deputies. One deputy received minor injuries to his hands during the incident.

Doug Hutchings (photo: Henderson County Sheriff’s Office)

Douglas L. Hutchings, age 53 of Oquawka, was arrested for criminal trespass to real property (a Class A Misdemeanor), resisting/obstructing a peace officer (a Class 4 Felony), disorderly conduct (a Class B Misdemeanor), attempt to disarm a peace officer (a Class 2 Felony), and aggravated battery to a peace officer (a Class 1 Felony). His bond has been set at $25,000.