Man from Sterling finds his dad through a DNA test

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James Sanders’ mother died when he was a young boy and didn’t know who his father was. He decided to take a DNA test to learn about his health little did he know it would open a door to a new family.

Four years after taking the DNA test he got an email of who would later turn out to be his aunt.

“I got an email from someone asking who I was she had just gotten her DNA back and it showed a really close relationship,” said Sanders.

Sanders later got in contact with his father William Mace, they began texting and emailing each other.

“So I called my sister and said yeah I was there I was right in that area certain time when I was in the service,” said Mace. “I did the DNA and the test came back positive.”

Last April they were finally able to meet in person.

“I’ve been down to see him four times and getting ready to see him in a few weeks its been nothing but wonderful meaning him and becoming a part of his family,” said Sanders.

Sanders is already getting ready for his next trip to Missouri.

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