Man living in kettle to raise money

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When it gets into the single digit temperatures, most people go inside.

But not Salvation Army Leitentant Greg Bock.

He’s spending his holiday in seven foot tall, 2 thousand pound kettle.

180 thousand dollars.

Thats the goal by wednesday.

And staying outside in freezing temperatures is crazy, right?

Well, maybe a little bit.

“There’s a certain level of loco in there whenever you could at home with your family at night, but crazy is good sometimes,” said Salvation Army Lieutenant, Greg Bock. “Crazy sometimes gets things done.”

And things are getting done.

When he got into the kettle on wednesday night. they were at 54 thousand.

Now they’re just under 70 thousand.

And its definetly been a cold two days.

But its a small sacrifice.

“To be amongst us, yeah its tough,” said Bock. “Its cold, its small, its cramped. You can’t stretch out, theres a pole in the way. But up against what people face everyday in muscatine county, its nothing.”

If they hit 180 thousand dollars before Christmas, he will come down.

Its something he’s looking forward to for more than one reason.

“Just being able to go home, knowing that their going to be there waiting for me at warm house and they’re loving, and they’re daddy’s home, you know, they run and give you a big hug, thats what I look forward to the most,” said Bock.

And he hopes his stay in the kettle will help others have an equally good holiday.

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