Many still without power in the QC two days after Monday’s storm

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We are still feeling the storm’s impact.

More than 40,000 customers in the Quad Cities are without power Wednesday night.

The storm left more than 100-thousand Mid-American customers in the dark at its worst.

The sound of chainsaws and generators is filling one Bettendorf neighborhood as neighbors wait for the power to return.

For Bettendorf resident Margaret Shanks, she says the last few days have been difficult.

“I was just going out to eat right now, because I don’t like to open my refrigerator to let all the air out. Like I said I just destroyed $50 worth of groceries. I just got groceries a couple of days ago and now they’re all gone. They’re all thawed out,” says Shanks.

In the neighborhood you can see residents cleaning up debris and the sound of generators fill the streets.

For those who are not using one like resident Kirk White, he says the last few days have been fairly inconvenient for him and his family.

“It’s really been difficult for me, and my wife both, because she was working from home, and we have no internet or things like that. So she had to go in the office to work. I drive a semi so I leave pretty late at night so sleep is really valued to me. Both me and my wife use the sleep app machine ,and we haven’t been able to use that without the power,” says White.

Despite the challenges, neighbors say they just have to weather the storm.

Shanks says, “You have to go day-by-day and take what you can get.”

A spokesperson from Mid-American says they have brought in 9 crews, and 65 men to work around the clock to get the power restored.

They say they are hoping to have most of their customers restored within the next two days, and hopefully all by the end of the week.

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