Maquoketa Art Experience is adding 4 new apartments to its second floor, a level that has been vacant for 35 years

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Some local cities in Iowa are growing significantly while cities in Illinois are in decline, it’s a trend that impacts the local economy on each side of the Mississippi River.

Davenport saw its population grown by 1,800 people from 2010-2019. Bettendorf grew even more by 33,000 people.

This is a different story for Illinois.

Rock Island saw its population fall by 1,800 and Moline’s population shrank by 2,000.

Not all cities nearby in Iowa are seeing a jump in population.

Maquoketa saw its population drop by 200.

In the heart of Downtown Maquoketa is the Maquoketa Art Experience and it wants to be more than just a place to admire creativity.

Bob Osterhaus is the owner of Maquoketa Art Experience and is adding 4 new apartments to its second floor. A level that has been vacant for 35 years.

“Enjoy the amenities of downtown as you saw there’s a lot of activity in the central district business these days,” said Osterhaus. “Well the apartments will hopefully be comfortable and inviting and attractive they’re going to be gear to one to two people.”

This plan has been in the works for awhile but like many other plans, the pandemic delayed the construction on the apartments.

“There’s some challenges that the state government approving things and so fourth construction actually started a couple of month ago and we hope to be finish by labor day,” said Osterhaus.

Although Maquoketa is a small town some people who leave as young adults find themselves coming back later in life.

“They move back at about age 40 to 50 and they’re bringing their work experience and their dedication to the community back with them,” said Ted Strait, building owner liaison.

The Maquoketa Art Experience plans to hold an open house for the apartments, they are expected to be finished around Labor Day.

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