Marijuana at the airport: Bringing it on a plane won’t fly

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One challenge that comes with the legalization of marijuana in Illinois will be for people traveling with it. They might try, but marijuana is still illegal under federal law.

“Although marijuana will be legalized next year, airport officials are saying it’s best to leave it at home,” says Jeff Swan, Public Safety Manager at Quad Cities International Airport.

On January 1st, Illinois will join the growling list of places where the sale of recreational marijuana is allowed, but if you’re considering traveling with pot, be careful.

“It’s still against Federal law so we advise not to fly with it,” says Swan.

Post security areas in airports like TSA are ruled by Federal agencies. Swan says being that recreational marijuana will be legal it’s not something airport officials will be looking for as they go through security.

Swan says, “We are not going to go out the way looking for cannabis it is legal January first, it is legal in the state, If you’re flying with it TSA would probably catch it we will come down, and have a discussion about it. We will see if you are within the legal limit, and depending on the scenario, depends on if you’re going to fly or not. If you’re over the legal limit most likely you’ll be arrested and taken to jail.”

So it’s better to be safe than sorry, and if you still decide to fly with marijuana it will be at your own risk.

It’s important especially with it being January first, and new, I think everybody is going to assume they can fly with it. So the best result is not to fly with it, it’s still against Federal law and hopefully have a good vacation,” says Swan.

Every airport has different protocol. Some will have amnesty disposal boxes for marijuana. However, there won’t be one in the Quad Cities. If you get caught by security, you’ll have to take it back to your car or throw it out all together. E

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