Marijuana: Fulton City law enforcement offers dos and don’ts

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With the new year came the legalization of marijuana in Illinois, but don’t think you will be in the free and clear to possess as much pot as you want.

Fulton’s Chief of Police, David Bartels says, “30 grams for Illinois residents, 15 grams for an Iowa, or Wisconsin out of state resident, children still can not under the age of 21 purchase it or possess it whether it’s recreational or not.”

You won’t be able to light up where ever you want.

Bartels says, “Make sure when you get it don’t open up the package start smoking away on a pipe or wherever on your way back home, it has to be used at your residence. It is legal in the state of Illinois when we smell cannabis or the burn smell of cannabis, we can go ahead and search the vehicle.”

While local law enforcement officers have familiarized themselves with the law, the public is advised to do the same. Bartels says driving while high will remain illegal.

“If you’re driving and you have 5 nanagrams of THC in your blood at any time you’re obviously under the influence, and can be arrested, however to determine that at this point and time, we’ll have to take a blood test and take them to the hospital to have it done, we can’t do it on the scene like we can with alcohol.”

Legalization of cannabis doesn’t mean you can buy from anyone off the streets.

He says, “Because there are so many facets of the law to continue to sell it we’re looking at probably the Black market having something to do with more sales outside the realms of recreational cannabis but that’s something we’ll have to deal with as it comes.”

Bartels says the local departments will have to get together with the state, and the Attorney’s General office to work out enforcement, but as for now they will follow their regular DUI laws.

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