‘Maskne’ Here’s How to Stop Face Mask Breakouts

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If you’re serious about protecting yourself, and other from COVID-19, you’re wearing a mask when you’re out in public.

For some people, that’s leading to an irritating side effect called ‘Maskne’– or mask acne.

Dermatologists say that’s one of the newest complaints that they’re getting from their clients.

Local 4 News spoke to one dermatologist who says, there’s a couple of factors that contribute to break-outs.

That includes heat, humidity, moisture, bacteria, and stress.

Skin experts say it’s important to protect your skin while also protecting yourself against COVID-19

“Make sure that you’re wearing a light weight cotton 100 percent is the preferable masks if you don’t have access to surgical masks. Second you want to treat the mask like it’s a piece of clothing so you want to wash it or rotate it out with other masks to give it a break.,” says Naurin Ahmad, MD Dermatologist at the Medical Arts Associates LTD.

Skin experts also suggest using a fragrance free cleanser and moisturizer to help the affected irritation areas.

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