Mayor Pete makes his case to voters in Davenport

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A big crowd turned out for a Democratic presidential candidate in Davenport Tuesday.

About 1,000 people filled into a gym at St. Ambrose University for South Bend, Indiana’s mayor.

This was Pete Buttigieg’s last stop on his bus tour through Iowa the last few days.

He hosted a near hour-long town hall meeting trying to make his case to voters.

In his speech and Q and A, Mayor Buttigieg covered a lot of ground.

Healthcare and his plan that doesn’t call for a Medicare for all approach.

Democratic Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg said, “Medicare for all who want it. In other words, I want everybody to be able to access a Medicare-like plan, but I’m not going to order you to abandon your private care.”

On the Second Amendment and guns, he wants to pursue background checks and red flag law saying the country doesn’t have time to wait on the approach of a buyback program to be debated.

Trade and his plan to work with China on common ground but fight back on areas where they threaten the U.S.

Buttigieg spoke about his faith and the aspect of religion in his life but said it’s not something to be forced on someone else.

He explained his plans calling for the end of the Electoral College and reforms to the Supreme Court that would increase the number of Justices to 15.

Climate change, unions and labor issues were also discussed by Buttigieg.

Being on a college campus, the issue of college tuition also came up.

One central topic of his time on the stage was also the man currently in the Oval Office.

Pete Buttigieg supporter Sherry O’Keefe said, “Like most other Democrats, my main issue is I want to beat Trump.”

Sherry O’Keefe was ready bright and early.

O’Keefe said, “And I’m first in line. First in line.”

She has her list of reasons for backing the young candidate.

“What makes him standout is one he’s a veteran, two he speaks from his heart, three he’s incredibly intelligent, four he really does connect with people in a way that I’m not sure any other candidate connections. Five, he’s human and he’s able to talk to people the way people are supposed to be talked to,” said O’Keefe.

Right behind her is Michelle Solis Russell.

Pete Buttigieg supporter Michelle Solis Russell said, “Deliberately non-partisan. I’ve probably voted Republican more often than I’ve voted Democrat.”

But Michelle said she wants a change.

Solis Russell said, “Looked at them all, listened to them all and I think Pete’s the one to unite us and take us literally into win the next era.”

Buttigieg said, “We’ve got to recenter our politics, we’ve got to recenter our presidency.”

Mayor Pete is on the road laying out his vision in hopes of gaining more supporters like Michelle and Sherry.

Buttigieg said, “Dealing with election security and cybersecurity, 21st-century threats that won’t be solved with solved with a 17th-century strategy like putting up a wall.”

He told students in the crowd, his plan isn’t to make public college free to everyone.

Buttigieg said, “Make college more affordable. That’s why I propose we increase pell grants. We make pell grants eligible to use on living expenses.”

Buttigieg added it means debt forgiven on the backend pointing to his plans for a national service program.

During the town hall, he also took questions from the crowd including his qualifications to be the leader of the nation. He points to his time in the military and the influence of his mayorship.

Buttigieg said, “If you want to make it through the grocery in less than an hour, you have to be ready to engage the people being impacted by the policies decisions you’re making and defend them. You have to get stuff done. You’re never going to hear about a city government shutting down.”

The audience also brought up impeachment.

Buttigieg said the case needs to be airtight and that all other options have been exhausted.

“Honestly, politically, I don’t think it will make much of a difference. I think politically, people have made up their minds about this president. But I think, morally, it matters because it matters to send a message that nobody is above the law,” said Buttigieg.

Part of his pitch in hopes of showing he’s up to the task at home and abroad.

Buttigieg said, “This is rocket science, this is brain surgery, this is hard and it requires strategy, and attention, and listening and diplomacy and strength.”

That why his supporters say they believe he’ll win.

Pete Buttigieg supporter Jane Allbee said, “To help people and the country and get it back to where it should be.”

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