Mohammed Ben Youness, MB’S food truck owner in Galesburg believes in keeping a positive attitude after his food truck was vandalized.

It wasn’t until Youness went to open his truck for the day that he heard a weird noise. He originally thought due to the truck being parked for 10 days the sound was because of the cold weather.

Youness drove the truck around for a few more minutes before parking in a parking lot at Public Square when he realized his muffler was hanging and his catalytic converter was stolen. Youness called the police, but there were no cameras in the lot.

Youness said the food truck was his family’s main source of income, but that everything happens for a reason. “I wasn’t angry. I felt bad because my truck is going to stop and that’s my only source of income, but I have faith in God that if this happened it was for a reason. I knew that this was just something just like a test from God to see if I’m going to be patient, and how I’m going to react,” he said.

The GoFundMe page has raised over $2,000 in donations.