McAlister’s offering free lunches for kids; How you can help keep feeding those in need

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With so many schools providing the only hot meal for some kids, and with stores running out of food, parents are in need of a way to feed their kids.

There is an extra strain on local food banks who are trying to help keep up with the need.

And now one deli is stepping up to help feed kids who are out of school.

“This is the right thing to do, it’s everybody’s responsibility to help everyone out.”

That’s why Jessica Vallejo, manager of Moline McAlister’s says that McAlister’s is helping out
by giving away free meals for kids the next two weeks.

“For me, I love to do stuff like this, I do volunteer work all the time,” Vallejo said. “And it’s just one more thing that is really important to me. And it’s great that the company we work for does this.”

Also trying to help feed kids and families is the River Bend Foodbank, whose president and CEO Mike Miller says that donations are becoming less frequent.

“We’re concerned about food donations and so we’re literally at the point where we need to consider buying food,” Miller said. “Because we’re concerned about some of our traditional donors who might be scaling back operations, or maybe not even wanting us to come there to pick up.”

Miller says that the food pantries they run will be changing how people can pick up food, to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

“Normally we advocate for a client choice,” Miller said. “To allow guests to come in and kinda make their food choices. we’re going to be trying to minimize that contact…touching the food and that type of thing. We’re going to be pre-packing food that we are able to hand to a client, or they can pick up for that matter, and minimize that person to person contact. “

McAlisters will serve a turkey sandwich meal to kids for lunch between 11 and 1 Monday through Friday at both the Moline and Davenport locations.

And Mike Miller says that a good way to keep donating to them while avoiding contact is through financial donations at their website

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