The Quad Cities is full of restaurants that locals rave about, but not everybody is a fan. Of course, not everyone is going to like the same place but some of these 1-star Yelp reviews show that people can be mean with their reviews.

Abarrotes Carrillo, Davenport

Tex S. – “Went on a Friday night at about 7 o’clock. The restaurant had no food. The irony of the situation was the other side of the restaurant had a grocery store.”

Whitey’s Ice Cream, multiple locations

Jennifer S. – “The most overrated place in the QCA!! The ice cream is not good and way overpriced.”

Frank’s Pizza, Silvis

Frank S. – “Being from Chicago my level of expectation on pizza is pretty high the pizza we got from this place I wouldn’t even feed to my dog if I could put negative Stars I would.”

QC Coffee and Pancake House, Rock Island

Ramadan F – “they didn’t have fries we had to pay extra for onion rings.”

Central Standard, Bettendorf

Kerry G – “tried the cheese tots. Tasted like they melted a slice of government cheese over some day-old tots and microwaved them.”

Pizza and Subs, Rock Island

Kathy A – “I understand that not all restaurants in different states will have pizza as good as NY’s, but this was just such a sad excuse for an establishment that specializes in pizza.”

Jim’s Rib Haven, East Moline

Sean G – “people go here more for nostalgia than the actual food. Seriously, Famous Dave’s is Wwwaaayyyy better!”

Nally’s Kitchen, Davenport

Trenton V – “The food was mediocre but the quality was not all what it was hyped up to be. I’ve never had a tooth chip before from food or otherwise.”

Duck City Bistro, Davenport

John C – “This is a caricature of fine dining with fine dining prices, but don’t worry you’ll have plenty to take home and hate later because portions are huge.”

Hurts Donuts, Bettendorf

Nick P – “They offer a special Cop Doughnut, which is annoying. I hope there’s one for garbage men, who perform just as vital a public service while being far less appreciated, being more likely to be injured in the line of duty.”

Biaggis, Davenport

David B – “the bistecca americana was possibly the worst steak I have ever tried to eat. About 1/3 of it was just OK, but the rest was Grandma’s farm boot.”

Bix Bistro, Davenport

Matthew W – “Garlic is the go-to and expect no trouble from the undead.”