Meat prices are affecting restaurants during the pandemic

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Restaurants are facing a challenge and now a new reality, meat prices are going up during the pandemic.

Meat prices have gone up because processing plants are having to stop or slow production which affects the supply chain. Meat processing plants are some of the hardest hit places by COVID-19.

Virginia Castro is the owner of El Mariachi Restaurant in Moline and said meat prices have gone up in the past two weeks.

“The meat is getting outrageous it’s getting very expensive and not just that it’s getting harder to find alot of the times we can’t get what we need,” said Castro. “It went up a couple of dollars per pound and we do a lot of asada that’s over 2-something.”

Blanca Moran is the owner of Coya’s Cafe in Moline and said they had to make adjustments to their menu

“We can’t afford it to do the daily specials so it was either daily specials to go away temporaily or increase prices which I really didn’t want to do that,” said Moran.

Moran said this new challenge has given them an opportunity to grow

“We’re looking at expanding out veggie menu and that way it’s going to help us because there’s lot of people that do come here and just want veggie items we do have some but not a lot so I think right now that’s what we’re going to do,” said Moran.

Both restaurants owners say that it’s because of their loyal customers that they are able to continue being open.

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