The Rock Island-Milan School District 41 has teamed up with Mediacom to provide district students with free access to Wi-Fi hotspots located in public areas throughout the city of Rock Island.

According to the school district, its Information Technology Director Troy Bevans installed “ROCKfi” — which stands for Reaching Our Community’s Kids with fidelity — hotspots at every school building and several locations throughout the school district’s boundary area in the summer of 2020.

Now that they’ve partnered up with Mediacom, the Rock Island-Milan School District says they can reach more students, as more than 70 hotspots located in Rock Island have been programmed to allow Wi-Fi access for all students enrolled in the school district.

“We are grateful for this partnership with Mediacom,” said Bevans. “This allows us to expand and provide internet for students who might have otherwise not had access to reliable internet.”

All Wi-Fi hotspots are free for Rock Island-Milan students to use without the requirement of a Mediacom customer account.

“The driving force behind this unique arrangement has been the school district Information Technology Director, Troy Bevans,” said Mediacom’s Regional Vice President Todd Curtis. “Troy knew that Mediacom offers student families with a deeply-discounted home internet service called Connect2Compete. But because he’s innovative and curious, Troy asked our local Mediacom team about open access to the Rock Island portion of our Quad Cities community Wi-Fi network. We applaud Troy and his colleagues for making the initiative work in sync with the school district’s technology objectives, and as a free resource for the students the district serves.”

Here’s how the open access works for Rock Island-Milan students:

  • When outdoors in public areas (neighborhood parks, areas around the Augustana College campus, etc.), the student uses his/her smartphone, laptop or another device to search for available wireless networks.
  • “ROCKfi” will appear as a network choice when in Rock Island areas where Mediacom’s community Wi-Fi network is located.
  • After selecting “ROCKfi,” students follow the steps they normally do at school when connecting to the school’s network (entering their username and password given to them by the school district).
  • ROCKfi is available 6 a.m. to midnight Monday through Sunday.

A map showing the locations of ROCKfi is available here.