MEDIC Emergency Medical Services, the 911 emergency and non-emergency ambulance service provider for Davenport, Bettendorf, northern Scott County, and surrounding communities, and non-emergency ambulance service provider for Clinton and the Illinois Quad Cites, has received a grant from Scott County Regional Authority (SCRA) for $75,000, a news release says.

This grant will enhance the health and safety of patients and staff, with the installation of the Technimount System in all 19 of its ambulances. The Technimount Systems will secure cardiac monitors and ventilators during transport to ensure the safety of all passengers including staff and patients. 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 4,500 emergency vehicles are involved in accidents on a yearly basis. Injuries from these crashes can come from unsecured equipment to EMS staff and/or patients. Having a mounting system that has been successfully tested and certified, taking into account actual device specifications is important and brings a peace of mind.

Considering these statistics, deployment of these ventilators would not be complete without a means to safely secure them in each ambulance. To address this, MEDIC EMS applied for and received a Spring 2022 grant from the Scott County Regional Authority (SCRA) for $75,000 to help fund the Technimount System for both the new ventilators and existing cardiac monitors in all 19 ambulances. 

Securing this equipment will not only protect patients and staff members from injury, but also prevent damage to this new equipment, ensuring its operation to save lives. The Technimount system is now in place for cardiac monitors at MEDIC EMS, with the ventilator solution in final stages of production, with an expected implementation date of Fall of 2023. 

“MEDIC EMS wants to thank Scott County Regional Authority (SCRA) for their generosity and caring for the Scott County community,” the release says.