MEDIC EMS was well prepared for the large amount of runners and spectators at the Annual Bix 7 road race, according to a news release.

MEDIC EMS provided vital services throughout the Bix 7 Race, which had about 9,959 runners in Downtown Davenport. MEDIC EMS responded to nine dispatches on the race course and transported five patients total with four transported to Genesis Medical Center – East Campus and one transported to Genesis Medical Center – West Campus from the Bix 7 racecourse. 

The five transports from the Bix course were all Bix 7 runners, the release says.  MEDIC EMS responded to an additional 12 dispatches during the race that were non race related.

MEDIC EMS staff was well prepared for a heavy call volume day, with 19 paramedic ambulances strategically placed around the course, 14 from MEDIC EMS, one from Durant Ambulance, one from Advanced Medical Transport, and three from Genesis Ambulance. 

MEDIC EMS also had one paramedic level Bike MEDIC team strategically located throughout the BIX racecourse. In conjunction with the seven Davenport Fire Department vehicles and two mobile DFD “Gator” units, these ambulances, fire trucks and bike MEDICs were able to respond quickly to the calls and provide the necessary stabilization, treatment, and transport to area hospitals.

“The number of people that attend and run in the BIX 7 has all the ingredients for a disaster scenario when the weather is typically hot and the humidity is high. With the help of Davenport Fire, Durant Ambulance, Advanced Medical Transport, and Genesis Ambulance, we were ready to respond and transport all patients in a timely manner,” said Linda Frederiksen, MEDIC EMS executive director.