Medical marijuana user says her service has gotten worse since recreational legalization

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Kelley Arzola who said she’s tried multiple dispensaries within the state.

She never had issues getting her medical marijuana before, but since recreational weed was legalized, she says her service has gotten worse.

“We had a wonderful experience you go in,” Arzola said. “You check in, you order your products, it takes about 10-15 minutes and you’re out.”

That was how it went for Arzola while she was using her home dispensary in Aurora.

“Now for me, the longest is an hour and five minutes.” Arzola said. “That’s unacceptable for me. I tried going in on my lunch break, maybe that would help. I actually left there without anything. I saw a young man all the way outside at the end of the line, as I’m waiting, I saw him come in and leave. And I’m still sitting there. I had my pre-order, I had everything ready, but me and 8 other people are sitting there feeling useless basically. We were pushed aside.”

Arzola’s boyfriend lives in Rock Island, so she tried the dispensary in Milan.

She said there was a registration issue when she went so she wasn’t able to get her medicinal product.

“He said ope you’re not in the system, sorry, you’re gonna have to make a phone call,” Arzola said. “So he’s describing or explaining all of this to me and I still see people in the medical marijuana waiting room, they had not been moved. So I know it’s not just where I was at this is everywhere.”

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