Mendota church providing food for families as teachers strike continues

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MENDOTA, Ill. — The teachers’ strike here in Mendota continues. So far, students have been out of school seven straight days. And, there’s no end in the foreseeable future.  

As of now there is no meeting scheduled between the teachers and the school board. In the midst of strike some parents have to make their budgets stretch a little more to provide additional meals for their kids that are at home all day.

First Presbyterian Church in Mendota is stepping up and offering a micro pantry to help those who need extra food for the family during the strike. And the member who is behind it says she’s already seeing it pay off.

“I think it’s coming quite handy,” Jessica Cox said. “I know a lady that contacted me a couple of weeks ago, and said she kind of new it was coming up. And, she budgeted out for one or two meals, and it’s been going on for more than two days. And, I guess she lives paycheck to paycheck and she didn’t budget for extra groceries, and I had mentioned to her she can come up here and grab something if she needed it and she took advantage of it and said yeah that’s great.”

The pantry started prior to the strike, however, the pastor of the church says she’s noticed an uptick in the need for the pantry and donations to the pantry.

“It’s for the whole community,” Reverend Susan Presley said. “And, the motto is take what you need and leave what you can and it’s just a little something to help people get over a hump.”

She adds, despite how people feel about the strike, people in Mendota are coming together for the greater good.

“We want to help out. We want to help our neighbors. We don’t know. most of us are a tragedy or two or an emergency or two away from being in that situation ourselves. So, it’s not the kids fault none of this is the kids fault so we just want to be able to help them be able to get through so you know sometimes parents are having to take off work and they’re losing a little money that way so whatever we can do to help them get through “

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