MENDOTA, Ill — After eight consecutive school days being canceled for students in District 289, the teachers’ union and the school board came to terms and made an agreement to end the teachers’ strike.

“The Mendota Education Assoication and the school board of District 289 are pleased to announced that we have reached a deal to end the strike and the students will return to school on Monday, October, 28th,” school board president Sean Pappas said.

On Thursday, many people came to the school board meeting to voice their opinions about their disappointment with the board’s handling of the negotiations. Many felt that they should have met more times than they did. The board announced that night, they would meet with the teachers’ union on Friday to try and make something happen before the upcoming school week.

The two sides met on Friday, and a deal was finally made on Saturday.

“The MEA ratified the agreement this morning unanimously,” a spokesperson for the teachers’ union said. “We are looking forward to getting back to our classrooms and getting the students back on Monday.”

The exact terms of the teachers’ contract are unknown as this time, however, more information will be released, Tuesday, October 29th at the school board meeting.