A Rock Island woman accused of hiding her son’s body has had an earlier mental fitness motion in her case vacated by a judge. “Vacate” means to set aside or annul a previous judgement or order.

Sushi Staples appeared before Judge Frank Fuhr in Rock Island County Court this afternoon regarding the motion. She conferred with Public Defender Hany Khoury before the hearing. Staples is facing charges including obstruction of justice/destroying evidence, failure to report the death of a child under 13 within 24 hours and concealment of death/moving a body.

Koury told the court that he had no concerns about Staples’ mental fitness. He said she has been working with mental health providers in the jail and they have no concerns about her mental fitness either. Khoury asked the court to vacate an order issued on October 27 that questioned Staples’ fitness.

Judge Fuhr asked Staples how she felt and she answered positively, but quietly. The State’s Attorney’s office had no issues with the motion, so the judge vacated the order.

Staples has a status hearing on December 8. She continues to be in the custody of the Rock Island County Jail on $500,000 10% bond.