Mental health professional gives advice to parents about school violence

Local News

DAVENPORT — School violence and threats are the norm, and parents sometimes struggle with having this conversation with their children. Earlier today, a mental health professional from Vera French in Davenport spoke with Local Four News and gave advice to parents about how to have this difficult conversation.

“First of all it’s really important that parents listen first,” Dr. Richard Whitaker of Vera French said. “Let your child tell you what happened. Let them tell you the whole thing ask questions about what happened to get the whole story out because letting children tell their story is part of letting them take their anxiety down they need to be able to talk to share what’s going on in their world “

Whitaker said after parents allow their children to vent the next step is to assure them that school is a safe place to learn. He said parents much their children to look at the bigger picture when it comes to school violence and understand that yes it happens but overall it is a safe place for children.

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