Lindsey McDonnell, FNP-C, DNP has joined the staff of MercyOne Clinton Medical Center as a nurse practitioner, specializing in family practice.

“Coming from the Clinton area, I knew that I wanted to provide care to the families I grew up around. I have always enjoyed working with others, and I feel like it is in my nature to nurture people. When I became a nurse, I really enjoyed the bonds I created with my patients,” said McDonnell. “I have worked with MercyOne since 2014, mostly in maternity and pediatrics as a registered nurse. I realized we have such a need in our community for physicians and advanced practice providers that I ultimately decided to go further and get my DNP degree. I knew when I graduated as a nurse practitioner May 2022 that MercyOne was my home.”

(Photo courtesy MercyOne Clinton)

Her favorite part of being a nurse practitioner in family practice is being able to provide care to patients regardless of their age. “I think this makes my bond with them stronger, and I’m happy to see them as they grow and expand their families,” she said. McDonnell is in practice at MercyOne Clinton’s North Health Plaza, located at 915 13th Avenue N. in Clinton. Call (563) 243-2511 to schedule an appointment.