Metal rod pierces window at Boost Mobile

Local News

Curfew’s have been put in place in Davenport to try and eliminate more looting of businesses. Boost Mobile was one of many Davenport stores that had a window smashed and items stolen. Manager Mike Nicholas tells Local Four News that it was quite the scene when he arrived in the morning.

“There was glass literally all over.” Nicholas said. “Probably until about here I’d say. There was a metal bar thrown in way deep and probably made it to about four feet in. There was glass literally everywhere.”

The first order of business for Nicholas was to clean the store. He says he spent an hour and a half sweeping glass. When he first heard about what was going on when listening to the police scanner, one though came to mind.

“Do I still have a job? You know I gotta pay rent. I was a little scared. But you know as a community we’ll come back from this.”

Nicholas says that a speaker and phone cases were stolen. The people that broke in tried to get behind a locked door where all of the phones are kept and a foot print was spotted on the door.

“They did try to, my boss did say kick down the door around 11:55. There is actually still a foot print there from a Jordan shoe.”

He thinks that it will take a community effort to put an end to the looting and violence.

“As a community we need to stick together and focus on the real root of the problem.” Nicholas said. “Why are we hurting each other. There’s no sense in any of this. A young lady that I personally know that I went to school with lost her life which did not have to happen.”

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