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MetroLINK has announced its participation in a nationwide American Public Transportation Association public transportation industry Health and Safety Commitments program.

MetroLINK joins more than 100 public-transit agencies across the country in signing on to the program, according to a news release.

The program was developed after transit users from across the country were asked what measures would make them feel more confident riding public transportation amid concerns about COVID-19.

From this research, the industry identified four key areas that transit systems need to address to earn riders’ confidence:

⦁ Following public health guidelines from official sources
⦁ Cleaning and disinfecting transit vehicles frequently and requiring face coverings and other protections
⦁ Keeping passengers informed and empowered to choose the safest times and routes to ride
⦁ Putting health first by requiring riders and employees to avoid public transit if they have been exposed to COVID-19 or feel ill.

“We have pledged to meet these commitments by creating specific policies that are effective for our system, our riders, and our community”, says Jennifer Hirsch, manager of administration. “A key component of the Health and Safety Commitments Program is the shared responsibility of our system and our riders to follow the guidelines. Riders rely on us to follow these commitments, and we rely on riders to protect themselves and other customers.”

Current actions on the Metro bus and specialized transportation services system include:
⦁ Requiring riders and drivers to mask up
⦁ Cleaning and disinfecting of buses and facilities throughout the day
⦁ Signage and social media messages communicating health and safety messages
⦁ Installation of touch-less doors, sinks, and automated flush-ometers in all facilities
⦁ Installation of driver protective panels in all buses
⦁ Installation of touch-less wheelchair securement systems
⦁ Distribution of more than 3,000 Ride Safe kits to passengers including hand sanitizer and reusable face covering
⦁ Installation of air purifiers on buses

“Public transportation is and will be vital to the social and economic recovery of our communities”, said Jeff Nelson, APTA vice chair, and general manager of MetroLINK. “We want current and future riders to view public transit as a safe and preferred mobility choice. We believe our health and safety efforts will help convey that message.”

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