Midcoast Fine Arts announced it’s closing it’s galleries next year

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The local art scene has been delivered a devastating blow.

Midcoast Fine Arts announced it’s closing its galleries next year.

The non-profit allowed local artists to showcase their work for almost three decades, but it’s been hit hard financially.

One of its galleries Bucktown was badly damaged by record flooding earlier this year, and was shut down for weeks. Midcoast board members say the mission will be carried on by artists in the community.

They believe by announcing this news months in advance artists will have time to find somewhere new to show their work.

Kyle Carter, Member of the Midcoast Board says, “Flooding was apart of the story I mean the big impact of this particular year was that we had flooding, and we also had a terrible winter, and most importantly our biggest fundraiser or Riversance was completely washed out. It was difficult to keep up anyway this was just a particularly challenging year that help bring about the end of it financially.”

Heat, an artist at the Artery in Rock Island says he the news doesn’t come as a surprise.

“Everything run it’s course, and it sounds like maybe Midcoast has ran its. Looking at things it’s kind of easy to see that things were headed in that direction.” he says.

He says it’s not the news he wanted to hear.

“It’s not good news that for sure, I’m going to have to display my artwork somewhere you know maybe back to the sidewalk. A blow yeah definitely a blow, but we can only help that maybe someone will probably rent out one of this store fronts or some business owner may rent out a store front to one of these groups and we’ll have our art in there.”

Carter says the board will be working with Quad Cities Art and have some of that programming taken over by them. He says this lack of funding in the art world is not uncommon, but what will be interesting is what will happen from here, and to see how will the community find ways to lift the art community up.

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