Midway Drive In celebrates 70th anniversary

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The Midway Drive in is celebrating their 70th anniversary. They had to delay their opening this year until May 22nd due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Owner, Mike Kerz says that Drive Ins are an asset to the community and they have the largest screens of any theater. The pandemic is currently limiting how many cars they can house at each showing.

“Normally the Midway can fit 500 cars, but we’ve reduced the car capacity by 50 percent to 250 cars so that way one car can park in basically two parking spots so that way people have plenty of social distancing space.”

The Midway Drive In was unintentionally prepared for the movie business being shut down as they had big plans for the summer.

“So we had been planning on showing classic movies anyway so since we opened in May we have been showing classic movies such as Greece, and ET, Back To The Future, and Jaws.”

The classic movies have gone over well with audiences. Kerz says that the Coronavirus Pandemic has slowly allowed residents to rediscover drive in theaters.

“Drive in have always been an American classic, American favorite just because you come, get to spend a whole evening with your family and it’s a peace of mind and it’s relaxing, it’s outdoors, you’re in the comfort and safety of your own car.”

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