Milan mother receives drive by Mother’s Day Parade

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It has been a rough time for families trying to celebrate big occasions. Rose Reasor and her family wanted to show their mother how much she means to them by having a drive by parade, but with a twist. Instead of the family driving by to see her, Dennis was driven in a golf cart by her niece and they rode by the entire family.

“My mother is going to be 86 in August and she has had a couple of bouts with health issues. Nothing to do with COVID.” Said Reasor. “She was in the hospital and a nursing home a couple of times in the last couple of months and we wanted to make this Mother’s Day be very special for her.”

Reasor says that the family wanted to pay a nice tribute to her mother and how her how much she means to them.

“We are all very close to her.” Reason said. “We enjoy the time we get to spend with her and because of the issues with the COVID thing the last few months we have really really missed being able to come around her.”

Dennis’ niece, Erica Thornton was the one who drover her around and she says that Dennis enjoyed it so much that she didn’t want to stop driving around.

“She wanted to keep going.” Said Thornton. “So I would get to the end and I would go how was that and she goes that was so good. I go do you wanna do it again and she said yeah. I said okay let’s do it again.”

Dennis says that she has a wonderful family and this was one of the most memorable Mother’s Day’s that she has ever had.

“Oh yeah. I’ll never forget this one.”

Dennis’ family was able to keep it a secret from her thanks to technology.

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