Milledgeville mourning nine- year-old Addison Headlee

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MILLEDGEVILLE, Ill. — Addison Headlee loss her life over the weekend in a car crash in the rural Sterling area. People in the small community are taken back by the tragedy but are remembering what joy she bought to many people in her short life.

“It was like lightning up a room,” her principal, Brian Maloy said. “She’d come in and her laugh was infectious You couldn’t help but be happy, you could have one of the worst days in the world and you’d see this little girl and she’d make you feel like you were the most important thing  because to her, you were.”

Milledgeville Principal Brian Maloy said, Addison’s impact on this community was so important, that her memory will forever be ingrained into the community.

“I think what she means to us and will continue to mean in our hearts  is the epitome of kindness. there was never a time that she wouldn’t go out of her way to help others. it didn’t matter what she had, she was selfless. the definition of selfless is what she taught us, in the time we had with her,” Maloy said.”

Maloy added anyone who got the chance to meet Addison would never forget her, that’s how captivating she was.

“She was a walking ray of sunshine. like I said you couldn’t help but feel her personality and her love for life and her love for people. She loved horses, she loved glitter, she loved pink, and and she really just spread that among everybody around her,” Maloy said.

Maloy went on to say there are two words he would use to describe the fourth grader.

“Unconditional Love, she was the epitome of unconditional love it didn’t matter what you wore what you did she loved you unconditionally,” Maloy said.

Addison’s life may have been cut short, but her memory and the impact that she left on everyone she’s met will live on.

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