Million mask march: Protecting healthcare heroes

Local News

With all hands on deck, the Freight House Farmer’s Market is hoping to have sewn a million masks for healthcare workers.

“Before the cry went out this grassroots effort started here,” says Lorrie Beaman, Executive Director of the Freight House Farmer’s Market.

Several nursing facilities in the area also were given the personal protective equipment they need.

Lynette Wall, Good Samaritan Manager says, “We’re so grateful to get masks for both our staff members, and our tenants who are of course so concerned about the virus.”

“It feels great. We have had so much support. It’s really hard for us to see our residents right now not being able to see their families. It’s really hard on them. So we need to be there to take care of them,” says Shelly Engel, with Hope Creek Care Center.

With thousands of masks already in the hands of the people who need it most Beaman says it’s feels good to be able to help those who are helping so many.

“It’s amazing. It’s what feeds us to keep doing this week after week. There’s tears, there is just thanks. When we deliver these to the hospitals, when we deliver the masks to the nurses, they are so thankful,” says Beaman.

The CDC recently updated its guidelines for the public regarding masks. The new recommendation says everyone should cover their nose, and mouth while they are in public, and outside. Although members of the Farmer’s Market are making thousands of masks, they say their priority is to make sure healthcare workers on the front lines have the PPE they need.

“We really are focusing solely on those healthcare workers,” says Beaman.

Beaman says if someone is in need of a mask, they have provided information on their ‘Help for Healthcare Heroes’ Facebook page on how to make your own.

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