Millions of dollars in improvements are on the way to Modern Woodmen Park.

That’s after Davenport City Council approved spending $2 million on the project Wednesday night.

Some of that money will be used to extend the floodwall outside the stadium.

Work on the floodwall will cost around $500,000.

Other improvements include a new workout room and clubhouse for the River Bandits.

The floodwall extension will affect business owners near the riverfront, and they are excited about the planned extension.

River Bandits owner Dave Heller says it’s essential to keeping baseball in the Quad Cities.

The contract city council approved was awarded to a Dubuque, Iowa construction company.

Business owner Lorrie Beamen, who owns an ice cream parlor and restaurant next door to Modern Woodmen Park, said she is happy to see the floodwall go up.

“I look at this as hopefully a total package,” Beaman said. “I know they are looking at a lot of different infrastructure being worked on. Most of us that are down here chose to put a business down here because of the river.”

Other infrastructure upgrades in Davenport are not on the backburner to the upgrades happening at Modern Woodmen Park, but Heller believes that this decision to improve the area near the ballpark is important.

“If we didn’t do this, the River Bandits would be lost and the city council feels rightly, I believe, that we are an important amenity to this city,” Heller said. “We are the single most visited building in Scott County.”

Beamen hopes that with the proposed upgrades to infrastructure, small businesses in downtown Davenport will also benefit.

“That’s really what I hope… that they take the whole thing into consideration,” Beaman said. “That they are listening to all the businesses down here.”

Now with the prospect of meeting the facility standards set out by Major League Baseball, fans can expect to see baseball here in the Quad Cities for at least another decade.