Mixed reactions to school mask mandate in Illinois Quad Cities

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Wednesday’s school mask mandate announcement from Governor JD Pritzker brought mixed reactions from people around the Quad Cities in Illinois.

We caught up with parents to find out how they feel about it.

It’s been a controversial issue since the outset of the pandemic.

When I was out in the neighborhood, it became clear a solution to any problem regarding the pandemic isn’t going to please everyone.

One father I spoke with told me he understands the frustration some parents have with the back and forth mandates, but he believes if these recommendations are coming from doctors and or other health officials he trusts their advice.

“I tend to follow the medical community and if there is a recommendation that they need too, either to keep themselves safe or staff at the school safe, if the medical community were to recommend it I have no problems with my children having to wear masks.”

Jeremy Foy went on to tell me he believes the governor is in a position where he is trying to do the best he can with evidence presented to his office in an effort to keep as many people safe as possible.

A grandmother and teacher I spoke to earlier told me how the mask mandates and pandemic in general have affected the way she is able to educate her students.

Judy too feels it is necessary to have the students wearing masks to achieve a successful resolution as we all battle COVID-19.

“I’m a science teacher actually, and all I want is to have my kids manipulate materials but we might not be able to do that this year but if we all do what we are supposed to do and if we stay masked and if we work on getting our vaccine rates up then maybe we wont have to do it next year or the first part of next year.”

Students and staff will have to wear a mask regardless of COVID vaccination status while indoors, except when eating and drinking.

For parents concerned about breathing complications when children are exercising, it is important to note that face coverings can be removed during recess and outdoor sports.

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