Moline adds painted bike symbols, causes confusion

Local News

Paint on the street telling cars and bikes to share the space is causing some confusion in Moline.

Bike symbols were painted on 12th avenue to indicate the road should be shared.

Donald Lind, a Moline resident who lives on the street, has seen some close calls.

“There’s a lot of people that are confused because when we sit out in front of the house, we’ve seen probably about 3 to 4 that came close to having an accident,” he said.

Matt Moore with the city of Moline said bicyclists have always had the right to roadways. Now, there is an indicator to let people know.

Moore said the purpose of adding the symbols is to make Moline a more bike friendly city.

Lind thinks it is causing more harm than good.

“It’s creating congestion,” he said. “The people in the community are confused. They don’t know which lane to even get in anymore.”

The city plans on releasing a press release to explain to people why they added these to the roads.

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