Moline detective discusses protocols for missing persons and unresolved cases dating back to 1997

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10 year old Breasia Terrell has been missing for two weeks now. As the Davenport Police Department continue their search for answers, the Moline Police Department is still trying to solve 11 missing persons cases. They date back to 1997.

They’re also still investigating two high profile cases from before then which is when Trudy Appleby disappeared in August of 1996 and Jerry Wolking going missing in 1990. All of those cases remain open with a detective still investigating.

In a missing persons investigation it is crucial to act quickly and the first thing that the Moline Police Department does is gather all the facts.

“Where was the last person that had seen them, where were they last seen, does anyone have contact with them, are they answering their cellphone.” Said Moline Detective Jon Leach. “There’s a lot of different questions that we ask and then we start to fill in those answers and we start to get tips. We know if a tip is close to being spot on by the information that we have, but every lead we have to follow up on.”

Detective Jon Leach says it can be difficult to follow up on every lead because in some cases they can get up to 30 or 40 tips. Police try to act quick, but some cases get more tricky as time passes.

“The more time that does pass you may lose physical evidence and physical evidence is a very important factor in any case so time is always of the essence.”

Detective Leach says it gets tough when the first couple of leads fall through. He says that they have received more than 500 leads in the Trudy Appleby case and each lead was followed up on. Some of the cases the Moline Police Department have are considered cold cases, but that doesn’t mean that they are closed.

“We still have investigations that we have been covering for over 30 years. We just don’t have any hot tips and that’s kind of how it gets the cold name.” Detective Leach said. “We have officers and detectives that are assigned to cold cases and they are still actively investigating them. Jerry Wolking and Trudy Appleby are two that come to my mind. We still investigate those sometimes even daily.”

If you have any information about any of those cases you can call Crime Stoppers at 309-762-9500.

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