Moline hair salon owner reflects one year after the pandemic

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We’ve seen the pandemic affect people differently especially business owners.

Business operations in Scott County are down by 17.3% compared to January 2020. They’re 12.7% lower in Rock Island County.

A salon owner in Moline beat the odds and stayed in business.

Angie Walker owns Soteco- Rhodes Salon in Moline and is grateful her business survived the pandemic.

“Yeah, I really had some rough times thinking that I wasn’t going to make it but thankfully a year later here we are,” said Walker. “Without my coworkers here and without our clients being faithful and coming back if that wouldn’t of happen I would’ve lost it, we’re lucky, we’re one of the lucky ones that’s for sure.”

Sara Eckert is a stylist at the salon and said the lack of work at the beginning of the pandemic was difficult.

“I’m able to do something that is some much a part of me that it was hard to be told not to do it,” said Eckert.

Soteco-Rhodes slowly started opening back up as restrictions were lifted.

“When we came back our clients were very generous with us and people that normally don’t come here were very supportive so we’ve been lucky that way our clients I’ve said it all along are great,” said Walker.

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