Paige Raaen is a student at Moline and has plans to attend the Midwest Technical Institute this fall to become a dental assistant. What Raaen though was just a routine visit from the Midwest Technical Institute turned into a massive surprise by receiving a full ride scholarship.

“Completely shocked because I didn’t know I was even gonna get anything.” Raaen said. “You know I applied to the $500 dollar scholarship or whatever. I didn’t expect to receive anything, just try my best, hopefully they were interested, but I guess they were interested.”

Raaen is a junior at Moline High School, but will be graduating a year early after choosing her career path through MTI

“I’m graduating a whole year early.” Said Raaen. “I decided to do this awhile back, took the classes, got all my credits so I can graduate my junior year and was looking into dental hygiene and then looked at MTI for dental assisting.”

MTI has criteria to eligible for the free scholarship. You have to create a video and write a short essay. MTI Campus President, Angela Hoffman says Raaen was a student that easily stood out.

“Very hard worker.” Said Hoffman. “So with that said we know that we are going to have a star student on our hands, possibly a future student ambassador of Midwest Technical Institute.”

In addition to the full scholarship, Raaen also received some flowers and chocolates.