Since it began in 1949, the community has come together with students and staff of Moline High School to raise over $1.3 million dollars every holiday season for children in need through the Share Joys program.

Each year, funds raised assist approximately 300 children of the Moline-Coal Valley School District, providing them an opportunity to shop for clothing and shoes at JC Penney in SouthPark Mall.

A tradition for Moline High School students to participate in a variety of activities to raise funds for the program — including the ever-popular donut eating contest — Share Joys will look different this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, safety guidelines and remote learning.

The school district says, while Moline High School is hoping to hold “some student activities” with safety guidelines in place, their ability to raise necessary funds to help students is “limited.”

Instead, an online donation system through a secure website has been created.

“Share Joys provides a heartwarming way for students to help their fellow students,” said Candace Sountris, the school district’s Director for Public Relations and Communications. “Community support will be more important than ever given the limitations placed on student activities and gatherings due to COVID.”

More information about 2020 Share Joys is here.