Editor’s note: This story has been corrected to remove the accused source of the alleged racial slur. The school’s principal was not involved in any of the allegations.

Hundreds of Moline High School students walked out of classes after 10 a.m. Friday, March 11, protesting what they say are racist actions from school staff.

One student said that a school administrator used the N-word last week with a Black student, but that Friday’s walkout was not only about that incident. A student Friday said they’re upset about the “constant disregard of students of color at Moline High School.”

Protesting students (who represented all races) were peaceful and carried signs that said, “Black Youth Are Not Thugs” and “I Should Be Taking a Math Test, But I’m Here to Have My Voice Heard.” They did return to classes later in the day.

District spokeswoman Candace Sountris issued the following statement about Friday’s demonstration.

“During a recent meeting of the Minority Leader’s of Tomorrow student organization at Moline High School, it was shared that some students of color continue to experience feelings of racial inequality,” Sountris said in a district statement.

“It was also shared that a student-led demonstration was planned to use their voices to communicate this message with students and staff, in a peaceful manner. All students in the Moline-Coal Valley School District have the right to a learning environment that is welcoming, safe, and accepting,” she said. “We honor and respect student self-advocacy and are here to listen, reflect, and grow as a school and as a district.”