The Moline Public Library is offering a self-paced citizenship test preparation course.

The course was developed to accommodate those with busy lives or no study partner. It was developed by an immigrant herself, who knows the important role library services play in supporting a healthy community.

Anita Mehuys of the Moline Public Library understands the anxiety that can be associated with taking the U. S. citizenship test now that she’s developed a preparation course with hopes of helping people develop a better understanding of what to expect

“i developed videos that make it interactive and allow people to attend class during their own time, in small digestible chunks, so they’re not overwhelmed with all the requirements.”

An immigrant from Poland who saw her parents wait years and years to be legally allowed to enter the United States, she knows the strain it can put on those with families and/or busy lives.

 “There is a lot to navigate and to try to navigate not only the responsibility of caring for your own family but trying to navigate a new country, new rules,” Mehuys said. “It’s challenging.”

As the adult/young adult services representative for the library, she remembers the important role libraries played throughout her own journey. And she hopes she can return that service to the next generation.

“The librarians were always so helpful,” she said. “And I had to learn how to navigate the world in some cases to help my parents as they were learning the language as I was already entrenched in it and so I want to be able to offer that help.”

The free eight-week course series meets weekly beginning in early September and is open to anyone wanting to prepare for the United States citizenship test. To register or to find out more, visit here