The Moline Public library staff will be laid off on Wednesday, April 22nd, as the library continues to remain close and faces budget shortfalls.

The library released a statement on Tuesday saying that its board members board are working with City of Moline officials to determine fiscal sustainability for library operations both during the current COVID-19 crisis and to create an operating model to implement post COVID-19.

“We deeply regret the loss of community services this temporary closure brings as well as any hardship this brings to our dedicated and talented staff,” said Susan Blackall, President, Moline Public Library Board of Trustees, in a press release.

“The Board will meet as necessary with a goal to reopen to the public as soon as possible,” she added.

The library lost $414,000 dollars from their budget from sales taxes in the city being down due to businesses being closed. To show support, many residents came out for a rally and held a drive by for the employees. Elaine Kaple, a Moline resident says she’s concerned about the future of the library because it means a lot to the community.

“Our kids have grown up in this library since they were very little and we continue to come here on a regular basis.” Said Kaple. “It is a source for lots of knowledge for us, research. We come here to utilize a lot of different services.”

Kaple had nothing but praise for the library staff and enjoyed how well they worked with kids.

“They’re really conscientious and I think they really care about the families that come to the library and I think they are feeling this pretty hard.”

The library closed its door to the public on March 17th after Illinois issued statewide stay at home order.