Moline man gets haircut with a portrait of George Floyd

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Tim Fraser challenged his barber with a unique request for hair style. He wanted to raise awareness for police brutality and racism so he turned to a hair stylist that he knows, Miguel Rosas. Rosas is the owner of New Style Salon in Davenport which just opened. Fraser had Rosas cut his hair in a portrait of George Floyd.

Fraser says he stands hard against racism. He has attended a couple of protests already and he thought this would help him take a stand.

“I thought it would be a powerful movement and it would help to raise awareness on racism and I just felt like it would be really cool to walk around with George Floyd on the back of my head.”

Rosas has cut out a portrait of someone else’s face numerous times on the back of Fraser’s head. Because of that, Rosas reached out to Fraser about having George Floyd on the back of his head, which Fraser said was a no brainer.

“When Miguel reached out to me I was actually seeing the video for the first time at a buddy’s house and I was like yeah, I’m gonna get George Floyd on the back of my head.”

Rosas was up for the challenge, and believe it or not, it only took him about an hour to get the hair cut with George Floyd’s face on the back of Fraser’s head.

“I pretty much just hold my phone in my hand and I free hand the whole haircut using a pair of wall trimmers.”

Rosas is supportive of Fraser and believes this is a way for him to help spread awareness.

“There’s a lot of people out here doing peaceful protests so what better to see a guy who is standing up for something he believes in with a portrait of none other than George Floyd on the back of his head walking around.”

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