The Moline Police Department held a gun buyback program, sponsored by Crime Stoppers of the Quad Cities, on June 25. The event was organized by the officers of the Moline Police Department Gun Unit and Crime Prevention Unit. The event encouraged residents who had unwanted firearms to bring them to the police department for safe disposal. Crime Stoppers paid $100 for handguns/shotguns and $200 for magazine fed rifles. It was a voluntary and anonymous program, allowing people who wished to dispose of unwanted firearms a safe and secure method of disposal through the police department.

Police officers found over 40 cars lined up prior to the start of the event. Crime Stoppers had secured $22,500 in privately raised funds for the event and those were exhausted in the first 50 minutes. The police department took in 305 firearms in the following categories:

  • Rifles-65
  • Handguns-114
  • Magazine Fed Rifles – 13
  • Shotguns – 100
  • Semi-Automatic Shotguns – 6
  • Sawed off shotguns – 2
  • 3D printed handguns – 3

Officers heard from dozens of participants about how they were grateful for the opportunity to dispose of unwanted firearms. Some were elderly individuals, while others had inherited firearms and had no interest in owning them. The buyback program ensured these firearms wouldn’t lost, stolen or burglarized. Police referred several individuals to local firearms dealers for other options in a few cases. Gun Unit detectives are inventorying the firearms, running serial numbers for wanted or stolen firearm hits and cross checking ballistics databases. Once the firearms are processed, they will be destroyed, unless a stolen firearm is recovered and needs to be returned to a lawful owner.