If your car is making a loud rumbling noise, you may want to get it checked out.

That sound could mean there’s a problem with the catalytic converter. It’s possible it’s stolen.

It’s a crime police are seeing more often in Moline recently.

Detectives report a dozen separate, but similar crimes last month. They say thieves took or damaged 37 catalytic converters.

David Hawk, Manager of AAA Rents in Moline say that on his way to work one of his employees called in to report something was wrong with his business trucks.

“They started the first truck and it was extremely loud. The catalytic converter connects all the exhaust on the vehicle, and it had been cut off.”

That’s when he realized 4 other trucks had the catalytic converter stolen as well, but his business wasn’t the only one.

RC Rogers, General Manager at Zimmerman Honda says, “We had 5 that were actually taken, and they attempted to take two more. They actually cut on it, but something must have scared them away where they took off before they got those off.”

Catalytic converters are a hot commodity for thieves, and that’s because what’s inside of them.

Brian Gramenz, Owner of Shawn’s Auto Service says, “So there are 3 precious materials that are in them. You have platinum, palladium, and rhodium,” he says, “The materials have gone up in price from a scrap stand-point. A catalytic converter has gone up. You can get $150 on some of the lower ones all the way to $1,000.”

Gramenz gives tips to prevent this from happening to you.

“Just try to keep the car locked up. If you have an alarm on it it will go off. Keep it inside a building if you have a garage you can park it in. and go from there,” he says.

To replace a converter it can cost between $500 to $2000.

Police say the thefts are happening during the early morning hours. If you have any information about the incident you are urged to call the Moline Police Department, or the Crime Stoppers tip line.