For the first time in more than a decade, Moline leaders will survey residents to establish benchmark satisfaction levels on issues ranging from general quality of life to public safety, infrastructure, housing and more, a news release says.

The AI-powered Community Survey Questionnaire was developed by Zencity, the Community Trust Platform used by more than 250 local governments nationwide, and is specifically tailored to measure resident satisfaction. Its aim is to help city leaders develop actionable plans to
better align government-provided services with residents’ priorities and needs.

The Moline City Council was recently briefed on the survey capabilities, which City Administrator Bob Vitas says will help direct and guide future strategic goal setting by the council. Zencity digitally distributes questionnaires to residents using Census data, ensuring that a statistically relevant, representative sample of citizens is surveyed.

Eighteen base questions focusing on quality of life and resident satisfaction will be included along with several additional questions chosen with a specific focus on Moline’s unique characteristics. Because of the random distribution, not every Moline resident will be surveyed.

The survey will run for three months, after which data will be displayed in a dashboard that reveals an “overall satisfaction” score for the city as well as identifying areas where the city is performing at or above expectations and areas where improvement is needed.

Results from the survey will be shared with the public as they become available. the release says.