Moline Township gets 45K grant to offer residents help with rent and mortgage payments

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There’s relief for people in Rock Island County during the pandemic.

That help is designed to prevent homelessness in the area.

Moline Township recently received more than $45,000 in emergency shelter and CARES funding.

Supervisor Don Johnston says the grant will be shared countywide to the 18 townships.

“It can pay mortgage or rent for individuals that have an emergency for that particular month,” says Johnston.

It’s a grant that has helped families for the past 26 years. Now, it’s even more crucial during the pandemic.

Aubrey Ethridge, Moline Township Case Worker, says, “A lot of people have been without work, very behind on bills and even almost being homeless.”

That’s what the grant is aimed to prevent — homelessness.

With the pandemic affecting many, and with rent going up, there’s more money for residents this time around as the township raised the amount offered from $450 to a maximum of $600.

“Anything that detracts from your ability to pay your monthly expenses up to $600, and then we’re able to give you that amount,” says Johnston.

Applicants can apply through any of the county 18 townships, and they must document their monthly expenses and show a need for assistance.

You have to apply first for general assistance and be turned down to receive a check from the grant.

Johnston says, “Once that process has happened, they will fill out all the paperwork, and then it comes here to Aubrey or Abby, and then they look at it to make sure everything is filled out properly, and then we write the checks from here.”

This is a one-time payment.

For more information, you can visit your local township to apply.

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