Monmouth College announced a $1 million commitment from a graduate and trustee, pushing its “Light this Candle” campaign past $66 million.

Mark Taylor, a 1978 graduate, made the school the beneficiary of his retirement account. The money will support three areas: an endowment for junior faculty development; an endowment for student support services; and an unrestricted amount to support the college’s greatest needs.

“In my role as chair, I’ve watched the progress that faculty make during their careers, particularly during those early important years,” said Taylor. “I’m aware of the fact that people don’t necessarily arrive at Monmouth as full-fledged, established professors, and experts in their field. They need to develop themselves, and there’s often not a lot of money for that development just floating around.”

Taylor said the faculty members gave him an experience he doesn’t think he could have gotten at a larger school.

“I loved the fact that the faculty got to know you,” he said. “You couldn’t not show up for class. In some of my upper-level courses, there were just three or four students. I loved the individual attention that students got from faculty.”

The campaign is now almost 90 percent of the way to its $75 million goal.