More car burglaries in Bettendorf caught on camera

Local News

Last weekend we reported on multiple car burglaries and thefts. While a man was arrested for that, the trend has continued. Multiple cars were broken into again, some with forced entry.

Local Four News obtained video of a car that was left unlocked and a wallet was stolen. We then spoke with another resident who had two cars that were broken into, but both of them were locked.

Residents have grown frustrated with the crimes. Bettendorf resident, Jean Dickson went to take her dog out for a walk when she noticed something in disarray.

“I learned in the morning by finding two remotes in my front yard that two of my three cars that are parked outside that had been broken into.” Said Dickson. “Both had been ransacked and the only thing that they took was cash.”

Last night Dickson and her family had to park their cars on the street due to construction in their driveway. Before she went to sleep she made sure that all of the cars were locked.

“When we went to bed last night we tried to be pretty cautious that all the cars were secured before we went to sleep.”

Dickson says that it’s not the first time that one of her cars were broken into and it just feels like this is piling on with everything else going on in the world.

“It’s very aggravating really especially with everything else that’s going on right now in terms of the political climate and the pandemic and everybody just kind of wants to live in peace and it’s a small thing in a big picture, but it’s aggravating.”

The good news is that the burglars didn’t try getting into the house when they found the garage door openers in the cars.

While all cars were locked in this case, the Bettendorf Police Department is encouraging all residents to lock all of their vehicles and the doors to their homes.

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